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Worthing Foodbank Collections

Worthing Foodbank organize regular collections at supermarkets in the local area.
Here are the collection dates booked so far for 2014:

1st March – Sainsbury's, Worthing (awaiting confirmation)
3rd April – Tesco's, West Durrington
3rd May – Asda, Ferring
7th June – Waitrose, Worthing (awaiting confirmation)
4th & 5th July – TESCO'S, NATIONAL COLLECTION DAYS at Tesco's, West Durrington
No collections in August
6th September – Tesco's, Durrington (awaiting confirmation)
4th October – Sainsbury's, Worthing (awaiting confirmation)
1st November – Morrisons, Worthing
5th & 6th DecemberTESCO'S, NATIONAL COLLECTION DAYS at Tesco's, West Durrington

These dates are a guide, we are waiting for confirmation on many of these collections and they are all subject to change.

These collections will be from 10-4 except the TESCO NATIONAL COLLECTIONS which will be from 9-5.

If you would like to be a regular collector, we can send you a pack containing all the information you need.

For more details call us on 07918 759664 Tuesdays and Thursdays only.