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Furniture for free

Re-Loved is helping to provide essential household furniture to families in desperate need of help. The project’s aim is:


‘To serve the local community by sourcing and providing free furniture and household items to homes in emergency need, absolutely free’


In Re-Loved's first 2 years, we have provided essentials to over 250 homes, and collected items from a further 300 homes which would otherwise sometimes have ended up in landfill. It is
Re-Loved's aim to provide items that are in good condition and working order.
•  Do you have any unwanted Furniture or housing items?
  Are you able to Support Re-Loved with a financial gift? (Re-Loved is mostly staffed by unpaid
   volunteers and relies upon financial donations to pay for running costs).
•  Do you know anyone in Emergency need for help?

Previous referrals have been for individuals/ families who have suffered homelessness, domestic abuse, terminal illness, financial difficulties, mental health issues, vulnerably housed, victims of fire, elderly and recovering addicts, which have led to them needing emergency help following provision of empty accommodation or lack of immediate income.

Re-Loved distributes beds, mattresses, wardrobes, sofas, tables, chairs, units, duvets and covers, pillows and a variety of kitchenware, etc. Electrical items collected are PAT tested (to ensure electrical safety) and then are redistributed. Such items include: fridges, freezers, microwaves, kettles, toasters, hoovers, etc. Along with collecting all these items to redistribute, we also collect all textiles, clothing, shoes etc.

If you would like to make a referral or a donation, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Vision Statement

We believe people should be entitled to at least the most basic living needs. Therefore Re-Loved is committed to meeting those needs.

Contact Details

Project leaders: 
Peter and Sharon Fitzgerald
call: 07955 731910

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