The inc. vision

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inc. is a venture that pulls together all the social action of Jubilee Church Worthing under one banner. It is able to draw from years of experience within Jubilee and from the 200+ volunteer members, some of whom have been serving the area for over a decade.

Our vision is to engage with people in the local area and provide opportunities and access for learning, support for family life and young people.

Being local, independent of political pressures and coming from a place of genuine care and love for people, inc. is able to be both sensitive and flexible to local needs. We aim to ensure that our programmes enhance the individual lives of the most isolated and vulnerable in our community, assisting them in the development of their confidence and skills.

Our deep desire is that people who feel they have no hope would have their hope restored and those who feel that their dignity and self-worth has been stripped away will begin to believe in themselves again so much so that life and living becomes a joy instead of something to be feared and endured.
 what is inc?