Community statistics


While there is no perfect measure to accurately show the needs of a particular town or region, surveys and statistics can be a good source for identifying particular areas of concern for both families and individuals living in our own community.

In November 2011 The Worthing Herald printed the following article:

‘Shocking’ Worthing child poverty figures revealed

At least one in three children in parts of Worthing are living in poverty, a study has shown.

According to the West Sussex Annual Public Health Report 2011, Worthing’s Northbrook and Broadwater wards are among the worst areas in West Sussex for levels of child poverty.

The latest published figures, which show statistics recorded in 2009, state that 39.9 per cent of Northbrook children and 39.7 per cent of Broadwater children live in a low-income environment.

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The Worthing Health Profile for 2012 also provides key information for our town. Here are some of the statistics that are listed:
  • About 2,900 children live in poverty.
  • Life expectancy is 8.7 years lower for men and 6.6 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Worthing than in the least deprived areas.
  • The rates of violent crime, hospital stays for self-harm and excess winter deaths are higher than average.
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With reforms to the tax and benefits systems currently being implemented, poverty levels are expected to rise.
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