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All Nations Language Centre provides a welcoming environment for foreigners living in Worthing who want to learn English and find out more about English culture.

It is a way for Jubilee church to engage with other cultures and nations, to welcome them and include them in our mission; the Nations on the Doorstep.
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Students find it a challenge to understand and communicate adequately in English, sometimes socially, sometimes needing better English to be able to work or study in England.

•    We provide English lessons at all levels of ability
•    We have 7 teachers and 2 support staff: 
Our teachers are Petra Osborne who manages the centre and also teaches, Rebecca Stubbs, Cleo Lacey, Anna Griffiths, Rachel Hilton, Linda Kennard and Malcolm Lyon. We also have two support staff: Outi Clifford who covers holidays, helps Petra with new developments and together with Patricia Napier does our pre-class English test for new students. 
•    We give information about the town and educate people about the British culture
•    We get to know international cuisine by having cooking lessons in their homes
•    We provide student support and befriending for those who need extra help in filling in forms or where to find certain information, and befriend those who are lonely or isolated
•    We make friends

Latest News:

We had our second Graduation Day, held on the 18th July 2015 at Heene Community Centre, Worthing. Students recieved their certificates of achievement and enjoyed a buffet lunch together.

For more information and for getting involved in the life of the Language  centre, please email Outi on


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